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After working closely with successful entrepreneurs for many years, Jack has a great feel for identifying and solving business finance concerns. Jack has a number of clients with exactly the same problems you have - and he helps those clients create smart and effective approaches. These insights mean he can offer tremendous value for you that you just cant get from a generic financial advisor.

Among the questions you may have now:

How will you choose to leave your business? Maybe you want to transfer your ownership interest to a partner, cash out and sell to a third party, or use an ESOP or buy/sell agreement. Jack can consult you about what option makes the best sense for you.

Jack can also help manage the wealth created from the sale, so you could potentially retire with more liquidity, more protection against risk, a more diversified portfolio, and possibly an increased retirement income.

How are your pension contributions going to work out? Is your pension plan set up to truly and proportionately reward you for your effort? There may be better ways to maximize your pension contributions, or you may be able to defer more salary for retirement through new tax-advantaged avenues.

Are you planning and investing to build wealth apart from the business? Many entrepreneurs put their heart, soul and everything else into their company - but there are ways to build up your assets without shortchanging your business efforts.

Are you managing risk? Or simply waiting and hoping that risk will not affect you?

Jack will help you investigate these questions and others. He'll also teach you about:

Retirement Financial Planning
  • Tax-free strategies you probably didn't know existed.
  • Ideal solutions to your problems that you didn't see or know about before - for instance, a structured sale, a particular type of family trust or insurance tactic, or maybe a little known retirement plan that makes sense based upon your unique circumstances.
  • Prioritizing all the complicated financial concerns you juggle -- from employee benefits to personal finances and investment planning.
  • How to see things from a fresh perspective - sometimes owners are so close to the business they miss mistakes or overlook solutions.

Your business is your lifeline, now and for the future. Let's explore the possibilities together.

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