Tax Strategies

Since biblical times, people have dreaded the tax collector - and no wonder. The tax codes and rules shift about, and there seems to always be an unpleasant surprise lurking somewhere. There's the haunting spectre of losing all your savings to the IRS. Even with the advice of an accountant, you can end up paying more in taxes on your retirement assets than you imagined. Many people just give up, thinking there is nothing much they can do about taxes.

Retirement Financial Planning
But wealthy people take a proactive approach, wanting to know how to keep their earnings tax-free, how to save taxes, how to create tax-efficient cash flow from their investments and more. In short, wealthy people tend to be financially well-educated, and make the right moves. Jack Patterson, CFP can show you how they do it - and help you achieve the best possible tax outcomes, now and in the future.

In Just one hour we can explore powerful tax planning strategies.

You owe it to yourself and your heirs to benefit from Jack Patterson's knowledge and experience. Jack can show you:

  • How to capitalize on new tax law changes.
  • Techniques that may reduce or even eliminate estate taxes.
  • How to cut all or as much as possible of your capital gains tax on the sale of stocks, real estate or a business.
  • What the three biggest tax breaks in the tax code are, and how you can be sure you use them all.
  • What he knows from his extensive training on how the wealthy become wealthier while working people just keep working.
  • Why retirement assets may not be suitable for your portfolio.
  • How to address one of the biggest problems in your portfolio - the taxman.

Jack will keep you up-to-date on the latest tax changes in Washington, and the most current money-saving strategies that affect your specific circumstances.

Remember, unless you have a well-thought out and dynamic strategy for dealing with taxes, you will pay the price.

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