Respecting your success:

A financial planning approach that values everything you've done,
and everything you want to do.

With your success so far, it's no wonder your retirement plans are big. Unfortunately, the ever-changing tax landscape and the daunting field of the unknown can derail your dreams - unless you've got a solid, exquisitely tailored plan designed to protect your wealth and your passions.

With the right approach and the right ally, you can avoid the major financial challenges that can ruin your retirement, including excessive or unforeseen taxes and the possibility of outliving your money. Jack Patterson, CFP is here to thoroughly understand your situation, so you can launch or fine-tune your retirement plans with professional guidance every step of the way. He's developed a unique system that gives you customized, personal service plus the cost-efficiency you need.

Investment intelligence: You got where you are today by focusing your talents on the things you know best, and calling in the reinforcements for everything else. Consider Jack Patterson, CFP one of those essential reinforcements - he's got a finger on the pulse of the current investment scene with up-to-the-minute knowledge of events and trends that impact you and your company.

He'll provide consistent coaching to help you potentially reduce taxes through proper investment management, and work with your tax advisors to implement changes that will help you now and in the future. As with all the services Jack offers, the approach here is tailored to keep you as involved or hands-off as you like. Either way, the result is knowing that you've got an excellent investment strategy underway.

Critical timing: Jack always approaches investment tax planning with an eye on the big picture, a view that sees changes coming, so you can adjust your own plans accordingly with plenty of time to take the best advantage.

Charitable strategies: Often charitable giving and charitable trusts yield surprising income-producing and tax-saving results. Though you're already aware of some of the possibilities of charitable strategies, Jack will give you a deeper, more beneficial look at which ones may work best for you, and how to do it.

Pension builders: Even small changes to the pension plan you have in place now can greatly affect your results later. Jack can show you ways to painlessly maximize pension contributions as well as implement a few strategies that could be a potential benefit in the long run.

Wealth buffers: Like many entrepreneurs, you've invested blood, sweat and tears in your business, but you may have overlooked the rich possibilities of building wealth apart from that business. There are a number of smart, sound ways to put yourself in an ideal growth position, without compromising your business or your other retirement tools.

Kicking risk: For many, "risk management" means simply waiting and hoping that nothing will go wrong. For the wise, there's a strategy for actively managing risk. Jack will help you discover what will work best for your specific circumstances.

Salary power: Are you working for your money, or can your money work better for you? Jack can show you a number of new tax-advantaged avenues to defer more salary for retirement or channel income into a number of intelligent options.

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