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Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of entrepreneurs like this twist on an old adage:

Not-so-easy come, way-too-easy go.

What if everything you worked so hard for doesn't stand the test of retirement? You've got substantial wealth - but could it shrivel or evaporate? After all, your retirement could last 20 or 30 years or more, years often punctuated by unforeseen circumstances in your own world or in the economic realm.

Jack Patterson, CFP wants to help your wealth endure. That's why he's developed a multi-faceted approach to investing your wealth.

Retirement Financial Planning
Moving on, moving up:  Recently, businesses and partnerships have become painfully aware of a new buzz term -- succession planning.  No longer can business owners imagine that they’ll quietly slip away to a sailboat or golf course or white sand beach when they arrive at their preferred retirement age, with never a worry about cash flow again.  Instead, smart business owners plan their moves far in advance, knowing the outcome and implications of each decision just as if they were playing world-class chess.

Your next move is to manage the wealth and consequences created from the sale, so you could potentially retire with more liquidity, more protection against risk, a more diversified portfolio, and increased retirement income. Jack can help with all of that.

Lifelong financial independence: It's nice to know someone will be watching out for your best interests while you are enjoying the rewards of your success. Jack keeps a constant watch on the tax, investment and economic factors that are most important to your situation, always thinking on his feet as circumstances change.

The well-executed estate: Without exception, Patterson clients express their desire to minimize expenses, taxes and aggravation for their heirs. The best way to achieve these goals is through a long-range estate plan, one that may begin far earlier than you'd expect.

Your lasting legacy: With great wealth comes great responsibility, they say, and in this regard you're in a rarefied position. You get to choose how your wealth will impact your family, your community, your country and others. And for these decisions, there are ways to make your influence even farther-reaching and more profound. Again, help and professional advice are available from Jack Patterson, CFP.

The best offense: When it comes to your existing assets, the best offense is a good defense. Jack can evaluate charitable trusts, Stretch IRAs, charitable gifting programs, supplemental retirement accounts and more in light of your exact situation and goals.

Your professional network: Around your valuable assets, Jack has constructed a network of invaluable contacts - legal and real estate pros who help develop the very best plans and protections for you.

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