Types of Investments & Services

We're prepared to give you in-depth strategies and solutions with all these financial concerns:

1) Investment Management

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Limited Partnerships
  • CD's & Money Market Accounts
  • Securities Risk Analysis
  • UIT's


Jack Patterson, CFP develops an investment and asset allocation strategy tailored for your specific situation. The strategy is implemented using world-class asset managers, best-of-breed investment solutions and sophisticated risk and tax management techniques.

2) Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Income Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Roth IRA's
  • Rollover IRA's
  • Tax Free Shelter Setup

Qualified Retirement Plan/IRA Review

Reviewing current contribution amounts and plan limits in light of your overall retirement objectives is an important part of overall planning. Jack Patterson, CFP can help assess your current retirement savings, determine appropriate rates of savings for your goals and develop distribution strategies in light of your income and estate planning needs.

3) Employee Benefit Planning

  • 401k & Roth 401k
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Deferred Compensation Evaluation
  • Executive Compensation Plans
  • SEP IRA Evaluation
  • SIMPLE IRA Evaluation

Employee Stock Option Strategies.

Corporate benefits such as stock options can have a significant effect on your wealth, but exercising them can be complicated. He can help you determine appropriate methods and timing for exercise, including considering tax planning consequences for both qualified and non-qualified options.

4) Insurance Planning

  • Split Dollar Insurance Plans
  • Variable Universal Life
  • Universal Life
  • Whole Life Evaluation
  • Term Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Insurance. Assessing your existing life, disability, long-term care and liability insurance coverages, Jack Patterson, CFP identifies potential inadequacies and makes recommendations as necessary.

5) Cash Flow and Net Worth. He analyzes your current cash flow and balance sheet to determine where you stand in relation to your goals and establish a starting point for further decisions.

6) Liability Management. All of your liabilities are reviewed, including terms, creditors, collateral and tax implications for all consumer, mortgage and other debt to determine total obligations and how they may be affecting your long-term goals.

7) Retirement Cash Flow Planning. Saving before retirement is the first step, but having a plan for managing your money during retirement is also critical. With his assistance, you can determine all that potential sources of income, as well as regular expenses, taxes, inflation and the variability of the capital markets to help ensure your savings will last.

8) Education Funding. Providing assistance with a child's or grandchild's education is a common goal for many. Jack Patterson, CFP can assist you with strategies aimed at your tax planning goals.

9) Business Succession Planning. For business owners, Jack Patterson, CFP can help develop a succession plan based on your stated goals for transfer or sale of your business to children/descendants, employees or a third party, either during your life, in the event of a disability or at your death.

10) Tax Strategies. Working with your accountant to integrate tax-planning strategies into your financial and investment plan is part of his commitment. He believes you deserve a team of professionals who can pool their expertise for the maximum benefit to you.

11) Planning for Incapacity. Unfortunately, unexpected life events can have significant impact on those you love. Jack Patterson, CFP can assist you in addressing difficult issues such as powers of attorney, advance medical directives, and the impact of disability on investment and financial plans.

12) Gifting to Children/Descendants. For many, leaving a legacy for family is an important part of their comprehensive financial plan. He reviews gifting plans and identifies additional opportunities or strategies to move wealth between generations, helping you plan your legacy, while minimizing transfer costs and potentially minimizing current and future taxation.

13) Charitable Gifting. Jack Patterson, CFP can help you identify ways to give to charities while supporting your overall financial and estate plans. He will work with you to review your existing gifting plan and, when appropriate, suggest alternatives for greater tax efficiency.

14) Titling of Assets. The way in which your assets are titled -- for example with you as the sole owner or joint tenancy with right of survivorship -- can significantly affect your financial and estate plans. He can help you review assets to determine if you have considered all aspects of your plan and help make changes as necessary.

15) Executor/Trustee Designations. While choosing an executor or trustee for your estate may seem simple, the responsibilities often require a great deal of time and commitment on the designee's part. Jack Patterson, CFP can work with you to determine the extent of the responsibilities and help you determine if revisions to your current designations are necessary.

16) Distribution Plan at Death to Spouse/Descendants. Part of financial planning is ensuring your family is taken care of in the future. Working with you, and any family members, depending on your wishes, Jack Patterson, CFP, can help you establish a plan to transfer your wealth in accordance with your personal objectives and as efficiently as possible from both a tax and administrative standpoint.
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