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Investment management is so much more than just picking and choosing among possible investments.  Investment management is an ongoing, intelligent endeavor always in step with your dreams. With proper investment management, each decision is geared toward your financial goals and your risk tolerance, whether it’s early retirement, a dependable income stream, a desire to fund college educations for kids or grandkids, or the choice to spend what you have versus leaving a significant inheritance behind. You need a financial professional who truly understands you and your situation, and is deeply committed to making the most of your hard-earned money.

Retirement Financial Planning

With Jack Patterson, CFP, you’ll get a written, customized Investment Policy describing your investment objectives and constraints and outlining the portfolio allocation parameters.  Jack makes sure you understand how your money will be managed, and how the tactics have been formulated just for you.  You get account reviews and reports on a schedule you choose based on your own needs.

Most importantly, you get in-depth knowledge. Jack will show you:

  • How to manage risks under various market conditions.
  • Three industries that institutional investors are moving their money into right now.
  • How to help protect your retirement assets against another major recession or market downturn, if it comes.
  • How to potentially profit from the trading activities of corporate insiders and major shareholders.
  • How to find Alpha: measuring real risk-adjusted, skill-based returns.
  • How to potentially make money in a sideways market.
  • How to potentially benefit from Alpha stacking, a triple-tier approach to tactical asset allocation.
  • How demographics follow tax rates and the economy like a glove.
  • How people are born in generational cycles and what they will tend to generally do and their spending habits from cradle to grave - and how this information affects your financial situation.

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You can count on Jack to provide your family's finances with the same care and attention he gives to his own. That's at the heart of what makes Jack so different in the field of financial advisors.


1. Identify your objectives and analyze your overall financial needs:

a. Income, growth and tax concerns
b. Personal interviews
c. Quantitative analysis

2. Analyze your attitudes about risk using a detailed questionnaire

3. Prepare an investment Policy Statement Reflecting Your Unique Goals and Attitudes, putting it in writing as an historical record and to clarify expectations regarding:

a. Your financial status at the start and your rate of return objectives
b. Your attitudes about investment risk
c. The decision-making policies and procedures
d. The Generic Investment Strategy and Allocation of Investment Assets
e. A Diversified Portfolio to help Reduce Overall Risk
f. A Computer Simulation to Identify the Best Combination of Investments
g. Modern Portfolio Theory to potentially Enhance Returns

4. Select Specific Investments for Your Portfolio, with Heavy reliance on:

a. Management team
b. Long Term Track Record & Proven Performance
c. Consistent Above Average Returns and Lower Risk for each Asset Category
d. Several Current Databases covering over 2500 Funds and Managers
e. Readily Available Information

5. Recommend the Investments for Your Account

6. Report, Monitor and Review Quarterly and Make Changes as Needed

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