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A well-designed financial plan will form the backbone of your retirement. Yet for many entrepreneurs and others, the goal of creating an effective financial plan quickly turns into a disjointed, wishful-thinking mess. Often people try a shotgun approach, a wide-scattering mix of investing and saving activities they hope will magically coalesce properly at the right time.

The better way: appoint a dedicated professional, well-versed in helping business builders just like you, create plans designed to invest your money while keeping your life passions in mind, and to help ensure that your financial and retirement plans are in tune, up-to-date and on target with your goals.

Financial Planning Advisors
Referred and preferred
Miami-Dade entrepreneurs count on Jack Patterson's 20+ years of solid industry experience, local network and engaging personal style to map out their long-range retirement income plans.

In-depth personal attention
Jack employs a collaborative process - meaning he calls in the best minds in the business as well as all of his own best talents to plan a unique path to prosperous retirement for YOU.

First, Jack personally gets to know you and your complete financial picture. This includes a one-on-one interview with you, so he can understand your values, ideas, goals, vision, personality and motivation.

Next, he completes a thorough analysis of your employee benefits, personal assets and investments.

Then, after consultation with other industry pros, he develops a powerful tax and retirement income strategy, and offers to become your personal financial and retirement advisor.

If you're in need of any other specific financial input, Jack can also help you evaluate your company's employee benefit and retirement plans, such as 401(k), profit sharing and employee bonus programs. He can even help your firm with business succession plans.

Conservative financial approach
Jack knows that conservative investing and consistent risk management are strategies that should be utilized in any economy. By managing wealth via fundamental principles, he will earn the trust and confidence of entrepreneurs who want greater degrees of financial freedom.

Generous customer service
Jack firmly believes in over-delivering when it comes to personal attention and customer service. You'll never feel like a number or experience frustrating customer service blackouts with Jack Patterson, CFP. We truly respect the success you've achieved, and we truly care about your financial strength going forward.

Thorough coverage of all the angles
For every stage of your life, there are financial decisions to be made wisely. Jack is skilled in navigating an incredible array of financial possibilities.

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