Retirement Strategies

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Of all the different facets of financial planning, retirement concerns seem to generate the most questions. After all, there's a great deal at stake, and a lot of different potential outcomes to consider. Among your own questions are probably things like:

What's better, the traditional or Roth IRA?
What would happen if medical and insurance costs continue to go up during retirement?
What happens when a pension plan goes bankrupt?
Should I leave my retirement account at my current employer?
Do I have the right retirement plan for my situation?
Am I financially set?
Do I really know what's the right choice?
What if stocks go down?
What if taxes go up?
What if I lose my benefits?
Will I need a retirement income other than social security?
What if I were to be sued and lose assets?
Will I run out of money?

Fortunately, Jack can provide answers to all that and more. What's even better is that he'll be with you every step of the way to address new needs or situations as they arise.

As you consider your retirement, Jack will help you understand:

Retirement Financial Planning
  • Why IRA distribution planning must be addressed now.
  • The keys to stabilizing your retirement income.
  • The various ways to possibly take money from your IRA tax-free.
  • Your options if you receive your employer retirement distribution in the form of stock.
  • Why socking money away into IRAs and 401ks and paying extra principal on your mortgage may be counter-productive.
  • How to create tax-efficient retirement savings.
  • How to retire with an additional cash flow.
  • The top 5 mistakes that people make when they inherit an IRA.
  • Why most beneficiaries overpay their taxes
  • Common mistakes in setting up inherited (stretch) IRAs.

Remember, knowledge is power. You can make a tremendous difference in your retirement by tapping into Jack's financial wisdom.

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