Estate Planning

The best case for you, your heirs and your legacy

Even if you've covered all your other financial bases, there's a real advantage to taking a look at your money from an estate planning perspective. With strategic estate planning, you can leave money to your family or community while avoiding common mistakes that would otherwise eat up large portions of the assets. Estate planning helps you understand how to spread your wealth to charities or special interests without taking away from your heirs. You can even create wealth for your heirs while you're still living.

No matter how financially successful, no one wants to make costly mistakes. Yet with many estate issues, those errors often aren't apparent until it's too late. Jack will take you through the process and help you see those pitfalls that might be lurking in your future - and he'll help you get on track for the most suitable asset protection and wealth transfer.

Jack helps you understand:

Retirement Financial Planning
  • IRA beneficiary form mistakes that minimize inheritance.
  • The coordination of estate planning and IRA distribution planning.
  • How to maximize the increased estate and generation skipping tax exemptions.
  • The ideal IRA estate plan for you.
  • How to optimize wealth transfer using innovative trust designs.
  • Financial planning with charitable remainder trusts.
  • The ideal characteristics of a living legacy plan.
  • What every successful investor should know about asset protection and income and estate planning.
  • The latest IRA Trust rulings.
  • How to avoid major IRA trust mistakes that many other advisors make routinely.

One more important thought about estate planning: somewhere along the way, the government realized that the best people to tax are dead people -- after all, they don't vote, they don't complain, they don't write to their congressman. And once you pass on, it's too late to change the decisions you made. That's why it's so important to make the right decisions now.

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